The ASLI truth

, Ahmedabad (2012)

School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad completed 50 years in January 2012. SA50 is a year long celebration of various events, beginning with SA50 Exhibition at CEPT. Many alumni from last 50 years were gathered to celebrate SA50.

The ASLI Truth was an interactive installation as part of SA50 Exhibition opening ceremony.
This installation presented photos of alumni from their registration (first year) time on a mirror like screen. Each alumni has a unique CODE from the year they join. The CODE number is a very strong memory for everyone amongst their batch at school of architecture. One has to just type in his/hers CODE number and they would see photo from their joining year in architecture.

We collected old photos of each alumni with their code numbers and wrote a simple html code to display them on request. This installation used simple screen with two way mirror (for masking effect), a numeric keyboard and some processing power.

Please find more installation photos on flickr.